A Guide to Your Financial Success

Top Five Reasons a Credit Counseling Service Can Help You

Financial difficulties are more common than you might think. A credit counseling (or debt counseling) service like this one offers help in many different areas. If you’re feeling stressed about money, credit counseling may help you alleviate that stress.

  1. Debt Consolidation – A credit counseling service like CreditGuard can help you with debt consolidation. As one of the most popular ways to get out of high-interest debt more quickly, consolidation may be right for you. One way to feel better about your debt is to go over your income, debts and expenses with a credit counselor and get an informed opinion on the matter.
  2. Home Budget – The heart of a family’s financial foundation is the home budget. By sticking within your budget, you can achieve the financial goals you set forth. A credit counselor will go over your budget with you and identify areas where you can trim back. A counselor can also teach healthy spending habits so you don’t find yourself in debt.
  3. Before Major Purchases – It is a good idea to visit with a counselor before financing major purchases like a home or a vehicle. If you plan on taking out student loans or starting a business, you may also want to consult with a credit counselor to determine if you can afford the extra debt.
  4. Help With Assistance Programs – If you think you may be eligible for assistance programs, it is a good idea to ask a counselor about it. Credit counselors know the local, state and federal programs for which you may apply as well as potential downsides or special rules.
  5. Financial Well-Being – Perhaps the main benefit from credit counseling that all the above benefits point to is your financial well-being. Financial well-being means that you don’t have to worry about money because you have a plan for handling your finances. You can have a healthy rainy-day fund, an effective debt management plan and a watertight budget. A counseling service can give you the tools to make financial well-being a reality in your life.

Consolidating Credit Card Debt Has Never Been Easier

consolidate credit card debt to ease your burden

If you feel that you need some help making ends meet because of credit card debt, consider debt consolidation as a solution. Consolidation is one of the easier ways to achieve debt relief and achieve significant, sizable savings on your credit card debt payments.

How Do I Consolidate Credit Card Debt?

The first step is to contact a debt consolidation provider. They are available online, by phone, or in person, depending on your geographic location. When you talk with a credit card debt consolidation professional, he or she will discuss personal and financial information such as your income, expenses and debt accounts. You give the consolidation professional the ability to make payments to your credit card accounts, and the consolidator will make those payments on a monthly basis.

In return, all you usually have to do is make a single payment equal to or even less than the sum total of all your monthly payments.

The True Savings of Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation offers savings because it involves paying down your credit card debt much more quickly than if you were to just make minimum payments. Clients have reported that they pay off consolidated debt as much as six times faster than traditional payments. They are able to do this because consolidating credit card debt involves negotiating with creditors to lower your interest rates and waive any fees you may have accrued.

Lower interest rates are so powerful that many clients report saving thousands of dollars over the life of their loans. The best news is that clients themselves don’t have to do the work on their own; the debt consolidation professional does the negotiating for a better deal on behalf of their clients. Creditors accept this negotiation because consolidators handle hundreds of accounts while maintaining financial stability.

If you’re in need of debt relief, debt consolidation may be the solution for you. Contact a professional and begin making arrangements today to prepare for a brighter financial future.

Manage Your Credit Wisely for Debt Relief

Just because your finances aren’t in order, doesn’t mean that you have to flounder with too much credit card debt or personal loans to pay off. You can manage your credit and get it under control, even if it seems insurmountable. Debt consolidation programs are available to help give you the assistance you need. Just sign up for debt consolidation program or credit counseling service, and begin the process today.

How Debt Consolidation Programs Works

When you consolidate your debt, you put it in the hands of a professional working with debt consolidation programs. Generally speaking, as long as you make your monthly payments, the counseling service will pay off all of your debt accounts. This is not a loan. It’s an agreement that will maintain and improve your credit score as you work toward paying off your debts.

You will make a single monthly payment to your debt consolidation program you have chosen to work with, and they will take that money and make payments to all of your debt accounts. This can be more affordable than your current payment plan because debt consolidation programs negotiate with creditors, and use their leverage to convince your creditors to lower the interest rates, decreasing the minimum monthly payments you are required to pay off.

Debt Consolidation Programs and Credit Counseling Services

In order to figure out how much money you pay for your debts, you will talk to a credit counselor who will go through your monthly expenditures and help you figure out a budget you are comfortable with. This budget will allow you to live comfortably, frugally and within your income means, teaching you important money and credit card management skills —ideally with money set aside every month for savings. A credit counselor at http://www.creditguard.org/ will help you reach that goal as well as teach you useful tips to help you save money on groceries, utility bills and other necessary expenses.

By having this conversation first, the credit counseling service will determine how much monthly payment you can afford and will not ask you to pay any more than that.

Use Online Debt Consolidation for Fast Debt Relief

Get debt relief today by signing up for debt consolidation. Millions of people are choosing to use consolidation to take the first step to getting out of debt. Sometimes the hardest step to take is the first step. With debt consolidation, not only do you achieve immediate relief, but you also receive money management skills to help you keep from getting in debt ever again.

Debt Relief

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Debt Consolidation

The first step in an online debt consolidation process is to bundle all of your unsecured debts with a consolidation company. The company does not “buy” your debt; it just manages it and pays off your creditors on a regular basis. All you have to do is pay an affordable monthly payment online.

Debt consolidation professionals can help you reduce your interest rates as well as lower your monthly payment. They will go over your income and budget with you to figure out what you can afford and still have money for bills, groceries and housing, then work with creditors to secure low monthly payments.

Debt consolidation is not another loan, which can negatively affect your credit score if you are already having credit issues. Consolidation can help to boost your credit score by showing regular, steady monthly payments over time.

Learn Credit Management Skills

Your online debt consolidation program not only helps you with your debt in the short-term, a program like the one offered by Credit Guard will also provide assistance that will give you debt relief for the rest of your life. You will meet with a credit counselor who will help you understand all the numbers and details of your unsecured debts. He or she will provide helpful advice that, if followed, will keep you from falling into the trap of too much debt.

Some of the advice involves teaching you how to make a budget, how to track expenses, how to be frugal and consumer-savvy, and other money management skills. A debt management program often provides a free initial consultation, call or information session if you sign up for it. This will reduce your need for an unsecured loan or other form of debt in the future.

What You Get Out of Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation can provide a wide variety of benefits for your life. First of all, it will help you balance your budget by reducing your monthly debt servicing costs. This can be a huge benefit, especially if you are struggling to find money for food and other necessary costs for your family. Secondly, it can provide you with sound financial education and skills to help you move forward with your life. Finally, debt consolidation will put an end to undesired and inconvenient debt collection calls. This is of huge emotional relief to many clients who seek only to get back to a sound financial status.

Let a debt consolidation provider help you through your debt issues. They have helped so many people across the country become free from debt, and you could be next. Try it out today!